Get Rid Off Man Boobs Fast Without Surgery



Thankfully I have never been plagued with man boobs but many of my friends have. For example, a friend which is my training partner had man boobs. His chest looked like it was going to burst with milk and he always complained how his nipples where sore to the touch. His man boobs where ruining his life, he couldn't wear his favorite tight shirts anymore due to his nipples piercing right through the shirts. He was embarrassed and confused he thought of surgery but thankfully I saved him from that choice.

"How?" you might ask, well it's quite simple really. If you read the paragraphs below you will find the answer for getting rid of your man boobs fast without surgery.

Why You Have Man Boobs:

If you have man boobs you simply have to much of the female sex hormone estrogen in your body. The estrogen in your body has bonded onto the receptors located on your chest and made them grow into man boobs due to the feminizing effects of the female sex hormone estrogen.

What You Can Do:

In order to correct your problem you must increase your testosterone and lower your estrogen levels. That must be your priority!

There are a variety of ways to do this:

1. Use Zinc: Supplementation with zinc will give you nothing but the best of both worlds. It will increase your testosterone levels and it will lower your estrogen levels by not allowing the aromatase enzyme to convert your hard earned testosterone into estrogen. Zinc, is also quite cheap and it can be bought anywhere, it does not matter which weight and brand you buy, all that matters is that you take your zinc pills daily!

2. Train Hard: By training hard you will increase your testosterone levels and as a bonus you will look more muscular, learner and you will be stronger too.

3. Take Myomin: Myomin is a Chinese herbal mixture which is proven to reduce estrogen levels by fifty percent. This is good because that means that there will be more testosterone molecules flowing through your body. Also, if you read the customer reviews of Myomin you will notice a lot of guys noticing an improvement in libido and increased testosterone levels.

4. Eat a High Cholesterol Diet: By eating a high cholesterol diet you will increase your testosterone by a massive amount. Why? well because cholesterol is the precursor for testosterone without cholesterol there will be no testosterone. Just be sure to eat the good cholesterol and not the bad one!