Endicia Software Review


Endicia is an online postage printing software system which is becoming increasingly popular. In this article I will review the various pricing programs available, the advantages and disadvantages of using the software.

Endicia is based in Palo Alto, CA and prints more than $10 billion in postage annually. Founded in 1982 by Harry Whitehouse, Amine Khechfé, and Scott Montgomery, through a company called PSI. PSI worked on helping the USPS implement programs that would reduce costs for some of the tasks of the post office. Through many years of innovation with the USPS and a rebranding as Endicia, grew the Endicia Internet Postage system. Eventually Endicia was purchased by Newell Rubbermaid in 2007 which helped expand the company globally. In 2010 Endicia was renamed Dymo Endicia and in 2013 renamed again as Endicia. Below I have listed the pricing programs that Endicia has available.

Endicia Pricing Programs

Endicia Standard $9.95 per Month

Using the Endicia Standard plan you will have access to USPS compliant labels, a software postage log, web based reports, Endicia Parcel Insurance, Third Party Insurance, USPS Insured Mail, Email shipment notifications, USPS package pick up, and payment for optional services.

Endicia Premium $15.95 per Month

Endicia Premium Contains all of the features available in the Standard plan. In addition, you will have access to Online package lookup, Delivery statistics, Stealth Postage, Return Shipping Labels, and XML file integration.

Endicia Professional $34.95 per Month

Endicia professional gives you access to all of the services in the Standard and Premium programs. In addition you will have access to a Shipping Confirmation Scan from the USPS, Database integration for batch printing, batch printing, Business Reply Mail, and Mail Consolidator services.

Advantages of using Endicia for eRetailers

1) Scalable to the size of your company. You can find a program which will fit the size of your company and budget.

2) Right after downloading the software you will have access to Commercial base pricing for all your Domestic and International shipments

3) Batch printing capabilities for all types of mail to reduce your fulfillment time.

4) The ability to purchase insurance for your packages via Endicia or third parties.

5) The ability to send email shipment notifications automatically.

6) The ability to generate consolidator labels giving you access to USPS International Priority Airmail which reduces your costs by as much as 50%.

Dis-Advantages of using Endicia for eRetailers

1) There is no post back feature for eBay, Amazon and various online sales channels.

2) Software is downloaded to your desktop and there is no network version.

In conclusion, if you are fulfilling orders and printing address labels then I would highly recommend using Endicia. Endicia corporately has a very close working relationship with the USPS and is constantly improving the services in conjunction with the USPS. Enidicia integrates seamlessly with many order management systems like Shipstation and Shipworks to alleviate the lack of a post back feature. Also, having the ability to use Endicia Professional to use the USPS International Priority Airmail program and save you up to 50% off your international shipping could pay for the monthly fee on your first day of shipping in the month.